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My name is Mrs Meyer and I have been at Offley for 20 years. I have been teaching for 2 years in Hertfordshire and then here in Cheshire. I am currently the MFL coordinator here at Offley.I have taught in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 during my time at Offley.  I live with my husband and three children on the Wirral and love walking my dog along the beach near my house.


Here is a bit of information about 1LM.


PE will be on a  so please ensure PE kits are in for those days. There is a timetable on here so that  you can see what we are doing. (We have put a slot for computing although we will be using computing as and when is appropriate through all areas )


Reading books -Children are asked each morning to place their planners and books in the basket IF they need to change their book. They are then given time during the day to go and change their books. They are also given the opportunity and asked in a small group after their guided reading session. Some children do change their books every day but others don't seem to be doing so. Thank you to the parents who have sent their child back in at the end of the day or have come to us to say they haven't changed  it. It is much easier for us to remind your child if you have asked us as we don't have time to collect in and go through 30 planners every day. 



Science Week

Once again we will be hosting Science week in school. This event allows our pupils to get involved with hands on experiments and listen to science and engineering professionals. We want to engage pupils in jobs for the future and this is a great insight for them, so please come and share your skills and passion for science and engineering. Examples of previous helpers:

• Structural engineers doing a hands on experiment teaching how to make structures out of spaghetti and paper

• Nurse – teaching children first aid

• Forensic team - setting up a crime scene and getting the children to solve the crime

These are just a few of the ideas that we have had in previous years, so if you know anyone who could spare half a day or even an hour, then we would love to hear from you. Please call the school office on 01270 685355 to express your interest or email admin@offleyprimaryacademy.co.uk or see Miss Allan or Mrs Till.

Science week is Monday 9th March – Friday 13th March 2020


A fabulous week in 1LM.

In maths this week we have been continuing to look at measures, length. The children have been using their own rulers that they made in class to measure different objects around the classroom. We have been talking about the different lengths of things as well as solving problems.

In English we continued with our Lion Inside work. This week we were looking more at the characters in the story, the Lion and the Mouse. We thought of words to describe these two and soon worked out that they are opposites. The mouse is quiet and timid and the lion is loud and mighty. We wrote sentences about the two.



In phonics we have learnt thrww new digraphs, wh, ph and ew. We have played lots of games to help us remember the sounds and have thought of lots of words which contain these digraphs.


In science we continued our work on our bodies and looked at the five senses and which part of the body we use for the senses. We had a go at using our senses to work out what we could taste, hear, smell, see and feel. We had lots of fun.

In music we continued with our singing and this week added the use of instruments to our performance. We listened really carefully to the beat and tried to keep in time with the music.


We really enjoyed going up to the computer suite this week and began our work on using the Internet. We logged onto the computers, found a way to connect to the internet and had a go at finding a website about the jungle. We are very excited to be visiting again next week.


In geography we started to look at where in the World we can find jungles. We discovered that they are all in hot parts of the World around the middle. We had a go at recording on a map where the jungles are.


In French we learnt a new song called Les Petits Poissons, small fish. The children loved the song and would like to sing it in their assembly next month. After, we decorated our own fish and had a go at writing the name of the song. They look lovely.

Here is the link to the song.




Well done 1LM, a super week with lots of hard work. Have a lovely weekend.



Finally, here are some useful links that you might want to look at.

Handwriting - https://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/continuous-cursive-beginners-choice-2.html

Phonics- https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/      https://www.phonicsbloom.com/      https://www.discoveryeducation.co.uk/what-we-offer/discovery-education-espresso/literacy-resources

Maths- https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?Subject=16   https://www.ictgames.com/

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