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Mrs Harrop

Ms Jones

Welcome to Year 2! 2019-20

Our main text this term is a book called 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy'. It is written by Jan Oake.
Amelia and William don't have many toys in Victorian London, and so they have adventures with their toy soldiers, who eventually become lost under the floorboards. Finally the soldiers are found again, in modern times.

Our topic this half term will focus on toys, particularly the history of toys and how they have changed thoughout the past.


Remember that you have 2 teachers in 2HJ - Mrs Harrop for Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Jones for the rest of the week. 

Mrs Harrop

I have worked at Offley for about 15 years. I have mainly been in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, but have had the opportunity to teach in all year groups for a couple of terms too.  I live  in Scholar Green with my husband, 2 little girls and our Lhasa Apso dog called Harley who is always up to mischief and taking himself on little adventures!  We designed and built our own house and it is an ongoing project that we are very excited about and enjoy doing. We love to go out for walks, especially love visiting the seaside for days out  and spending time with our famiy and friends. 


Mrs Jones

I have been teaching now for 10 years. I have been at Offley for 4 years. I have mainly taught years 1 and 2, but have also done Year 4. I live in Congleton with my husband and my two little boys (Jack and Tyler). We also have a dog called Barney so our house is a very busy household! In my spare time I take part in Amateur Dramatic shows down at the Daneside Theatre in Congleton. I also enjoy going skiing with my family and spending time with family and friends. 

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Week 4

What a strange and different sort of week it has been. It has been very emotional and we are very sad to have to say 'bye bye for now' to our lovely little class. We will catch up soon and in the meantime we can keep in touch through our remote learning.  We have given out lots of new passwords for different websites and they are stuck at the front of the planner  (those who were in and had planners). The other children have them in their bag or had them posted. As much as possible, each day, you will need to log in to our website to access your English and Maths lessons.  Most of the time, these will be done as PowerPoints (as they would be in class).  Play them in presentation mode and have a pen and some paper handy to answer questions as you go along.  The answers will be on the PowerPoint so that you can check how well you are doing - but no peeking or cheating!   

There will be some other subject areas set and we there are lots of companies offering free subscriptions at the moment too so you can log in and have fun. 

We will put our 'warm the brain' maths mental questions on as well. We are doing so well at rapid recall each morning, so keep up the hard work. Dont forget Times table Rockstars  and your new Prodigy account for some fun maths activities if you can.

We had a quick play on reading eggs this week so the children can now access lots of reading books on there and get busy earning eggs. 

This is all new to us as well - so let's try and enjoy this new adventure together as much as possible. We will be setting some discussions so that we can all 'get together' as a class sometimes. The children know how to message us directly so if there are questions, or you want to clarify things...we will get back to you as soon as we can and hopefully can help. 

Take care and stay safe. 

Mrs Harrop and Mrs Jones 




In English this week we have continued to focus on using subordination in our writing. We particularly focussed on using ‘so that’ to extend our sentences. On Monday we looked at photos of when we made our peg dolls and used these to help us to write a set of instructions for somebody else to follow. We had to ensure we used ‘so that’ in our sentences so people knew why they had to complete that instruction. We then used our knowledge of subordination to write a letter to an elderly relative that could help us about our topic of toys. For example: ‘I am writing to you so that I can find out more information about old toys’.

We then looked at a diary entry and used the feature keys from this terms learning and tried to spot them within the extract. Then we planned our own diaries based on this from the point of view of ‘Major Glad’ or ‘Major Dizzy’ ready to write our diaries next week. We are bringing our plans home for us to use so please keep an eye out for further instructions on the website.



In Maths this week we have looked at equal an unequal groups in fractions of shape and numbers. We then learnt the vocabulary ‘numerator’ and ‘denominator’ when looking at a fraction and what these meant. We then focussed on finding and recognising halves of shapes and numbers and then moved onto finding quarters of shapes and numbers. We used the STEM ‘To find a quarter we find half and halve it again’.



This week we have been learning about why it is important for humans to keep themselves clean. We first looked at the variety of ways we could do this: washing our hands, having a bath, brushing our teeth and washing our clothes, cutting and cleaning our finger nails. We then talked about germs and how they can be passed on from one to another and the importance on staying clean. We played a ‘hygiene heroes’ game which was a lot of fun.


We then looked at how to look after ourselves especially when we are poorly. We learnt the three ways to help prevent illnesses- have a healthy diet, keep clean and stay active. We then looked at what happens when we go to the doctors, what might happen and what a prescription is. We then designed our own medicine bottles with appropriate labels on the packaging.


In PBL this week we have designed our own Thaumatropes and/or spinning tops. We then had fun creating and playing with them.  We thought about what materials we would use, how it would work and also what pictures to include on them.



In PE we have been learning to roll balls with accuracy with either hand. We rolled balls into a space and then ran round to the front of it and bent down to stop the ball. We then played a game where we had to roll the ball in between the cones. We then played a game ‘French Cricket’ which the children loved!



This week we watched a video of ‘The Last Supper’. We then sequenced the story, focussing on the importance of Jesus passing around the bread and wine. We learnt this is called ‘communion’.



We continued to work on our power points. We learnt how to insert pictures onto a power point. We have also tried to get familiar with some of the different websites that will support our home learning, such as Reading Eggs, Prodigy (maths) and Purple Mash. We as teachers are also still learning how to use these.

Have a lovely weekend!

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