2NF 2019 - 2020

Mrs Forrester

2NF 2019-20

Welcome to Year 2! 

Hello. My name is Mrs Forrester and I am one of the Year 2 teachers at Offley. I started working at Offley in 2005. I've taught throughout the school but I have a passion for teaching infants so I am delighted to be teaching Year 2. I am also Key Stage 1 phase leader at the school and now English Leader for KS1 too. I have three young children of my own, one at high school, one which attends Offley and one at Nursery! This means you will often see me taking them to various activities around Sandbach. Please do say hello if you see me!

Our  theme is Dragons and China!


This term our topic is China. We will learn about the location and culture of China, as well as singing, dancing and making chinese crafts. 

Our main text this half term is Dragon Machine by Helen Ward. Our English lessons will be based around this text.

Our author of the term is Josh Lacey and in storytime we are reading one of his books from his Dragonsitter series. If you have any books written by Josh Lacey at home please bring them in to share with us.




This week we have been learning about different sentence types. We began the week by looking at exclamation sentences. We learnt that exclamation sentences begin with the words ‘What’ or ‘How’ and end with and exclamation mark.

We wrote sentences such as ‘What a mess the dragons have made!’

We then went on to learning about command sentences. We learnt that command sentences often start with a verb to tell someone what to do. We wrote command sentences for how to take care of a dragon such as ‘Keep your dragon away from sweet shops’. We then used our knowledge of command sentences to create a leaflet for ‘How to take care of a dragon’.



This week we have been learning the suffix ‘less’ and how this changes base words to mean without something. Such as – power becomes powerless. We then added the suffix ‘ly’ which then changes the meaning again to an adverb. Such as: powerlessly.



In Maths this week we have continued working on our addition and subtraction skills. We started with 10 more or 10 less from any two digit number. We then went on to doing this with multiples of ten.

We learnt the STEM:

‘When adding multiples of 10 the tens digit changes and the ones digit stays the same’.

We also looked at using number facts we already know  about adding one digit numbers to help us. 

STEM: If we know that 4 plus 3 equals 7 then  we know that 4 tens plus 3 tens equals 7 tens. We use these facts to work out 40 + 30 = 70

We then applied this knowledge to help us to solve  equations such as 45 + 30 = ?

We also applied our skills and knowledge to subtraction.



In Science this week we learnt some new vocabulary:

Offspring and Reproduce.

The children learnt that all animals including humans have offspring and that they grow into adults. We learnt the names of the young such as a baby goat is called a Kid, a baby horse is a foal and a cow is a calf.

We then learnt that mammals such as humans carry their babies in the womb. Birds and reptiles lay eggs on land and amphibians and fish lay their eggs in the water.

When we visit Chester Zoo next week, we shall investigate other animals and whether they are mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians or fish.



In Geography, we recapped our knowledge from last week of the world’s continents. We then looked at the oceans of the world, where they are and their names. We found out some interesting facts about each ocean.



On Monday we used an image where the artist had used both hot and cold colours. We identified the colours used and the effects that this had on the picture. We then looked at which colours contrasted and created our own hot and cold colours using the theme of Chinese Dragons.


In PBL this week we recapped the story of the Chinese New Year. We then learnt that this year is the year of the Rat. We learnt the characteristics a person may have if they are born in the year of the rat. If you were born in the year of the rat, you are said to be ‘sweet natured’, ‘companionable’, ‘industrious’ and ‘intelligent’.



In RE we carried on learning about Buddhism. We looked at the three symbols of Buddhism: the Lotus Flower, the Buddha and the Wheel of Life. We then thought about what is important to us and created our own symbols based on the Buddhism symbols.



In ICT we have recapped how to open our PowerPoints from the files we saved them in last week. We then learnt how to insert new pages into our PowerPoints and how to give each page a subtitle.


In Music, we have started our new topic ‘Music from around the world’. We have explored Chinese music and described what we could hear. We thought about the pulse and the rhythm of each piece of music we listened to and compared them in terms of speed, pitch and volume.

We then learnt a Chinese song: Kong Hei Fatt Choy.



We continued working towards our Chinese dance. We worked in groups to move with the actions of 4 different animals animals, each animal had 8 counts. We then put them altogher to make a short dance with 32 counts which we performed to the class.

Mrs Forrester



Science Week

Once again we will be hosting Science week in school. This event allows our pupils to get involved with hands on experiments and listen to science and engineering professionals. We want to engage pupils in jobs for the future and this is a great insight for them, so please come and share your skills and passion for science and engineering. Examples of previous helpers:

• Structural engineers doing a hands on experiment teaching how to make structures out of spaghetti and paper

• Nurse – teaching children first aid

• Forensic team - setting up a crime scene and getting the children to solve the crime

These are just a few of the ideas that we have had in previous years, so if you know anyone who could spare half a day or even an hour, then we would love to hear from you. Please call the school office on 01270 685355 to express your interest or email admin@offleyprimaryacademy.co.uk or see Miss Allan or Mrs Till.

Science week is Monday 9th March – Friday 13th March 2020

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