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My name is Mr Mason. I have been at Offley for over sevenyears and I have been teaching for nearly 20 years. During this time I have taught across schools in Kent and Cheshire. I am a member of the senior leadership team as Assistant Head and I currently run the Lower Keystage 2 team; I am also the Assessment and Curriculum coordinator. I am married with 4 children, I keep fit and love reading. My favourite genre is historical fiction.

In English this week, the children have planned, written and edited their own fantasy story usign ideas from Winter's Child. From their writing it is clear that they have really tried to include the mastery keys of prepositions, adverbs of time and a wide range of vocabulary. Next week in English, the children are going to work on a joint English and Computing project to write a report and film a video explaining the benefits of meditation.


In Maths this week, the children have been learning how to divide a 2 digit number. They have used the stem sentence partition, divide the tens value, divide the ones value, then recombine. Later on in the week, the children learnt that sometimes you can have remainders when you divide. To help them to see this, they used a number line and subtracted the divisor until it could not be subtacted anymore and this is the remainder.

In Science, the children worked in groups to create a vehicle to help the elf get down from the projector using a zipwire. They had great fun and will be sharing their learning with PreSchool children next week.


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The Curriculum map for the year is attached on this page.

To help the children I have linked some fantastic phonic resources which can be found here, including interactive games and printable sheets.

As parents you can access your childs reading here at the Accelerated Reader website - HomeConnect


In French we have been learning about basic greetings. This website can help you at home: French with Alexa.

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