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4LW 2019-20

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework. Our P.E. days are Monday (swimming) and Wednesday the children will be outdoors on a Wednesday weather dependent, so please ensure that they have appropriate kit.

My name is Mrs Whipp. I have been at Offley for six years now, having initially started as a maternity leave cover for Mrs McLoughlin. Before joining Offley, I taught at a variety of schools across both Cheshire and Manchester. My subject responsibility at school is Computing, which I love. Outside of school, I live with my husband and two cats. I enjoy walking, drawing, photography and reading. As I love learning new things, I am currently learning to quilt.

You can check if a book you are reading at home has an Accelerated Reader quiz in your ZPD range by following this link and searching for the book.

We have been developing our typing skills using BBC DanceMat typing, you can keep practicing at home by following this link.

Weekly Update

We have had another great week in 4LW. Our focus for Maths has been written multiplication methods. We used the associative law to make multiplying 3 single digit numbers easier. For example: 8 x 2 x 5 if completed in this order would make 16 x 5, however we can complete 2 x 5 first to make 8 x 10, which is far easier to complete. We then moved on to multiplying a 2-digit number by a single digit. First we used the distributive law to partition our 2-digit number into tens and ones, e.g. 23 x 3 = 20 x 3 + 3 x 3 = 60 + 9 = 69. After this, we learnt how to complete the expanded multiplication method. This helped us once we moved on to numbers that required renaming, e.g. 27 x 3 = 20 x 3 + 7 x 3 = 60 + 21 = 81.


We have read the rest of our class text: Leon and the Place Between. We created freeze frames to explore the thoughts and emotions of characters at various points in the story. Following this, we investigated a model diary entry to identify the features that we should include in our own writing next week. We have also planned our diary entries ready to start writing on Monday. Some of the children will be writing from the point of view of Leon describing all the incredible things that he saw in the Place Between, while others will be writing from Abdul Kazam’s point of view, focussing on what the magician would have been doing in the build up to his greatest trick to date.


Also this week, we have: continued with our Egyptian themed board games (these will hopefully be ready to play with the other class in our last week of school); learnt about the layers of the Earth as part of our Geography work; and created our own human version of an email being sent. The children found it fascinating to see that the email itself would be split into data packets and that each of these packets would not always follow the same path to reach the recipient’s email server via the routers. We were having so much fun with our web of paths that the data packets could follow that I forgot to take a photo! In addition to this, we have continued our rehearsals ahead of the Key Stage 2 Christmas production of Hosanna Rocks. This will take place at St. Mary’s Church on Monday 16th December.


As part of our Science, we have introduced a project that we will be completing on Tuesday next week. The children will be designing and making a vehicle to rescue an elf on the shelf. Their vehicles will need to transport the elf as quickly as they can in a controlled manner. If you have any resources that they can use, please can these be sent into school on Monday or Tuesday. Some of the ideas that the children have thought of so far include, empty plastic bottles, shoe boxes, cereal boxes and toilet rolls.


Next week, we will be using the expanded and short method of multiplication to multiply a 3-digit number by a single digit in Maths. In English, we will be using all of our mastery keys, which we have been working on for the past few weeks, to help us write our diary entry. In Science, we will create our vehicles for the elf stuck on the shelf, test them, and evaluate their effectiveness. We will also complete our Egyptian board games and find out about the different intensities of earthquakes.

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