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Vikings: Heroes or Villains?

Welcome to 5HH which is taught by Mrs Hankinson and Mrs Hirst.  We like to call ourselves Batman and Robin but we will let you decide which one is which! On this page you can find important information and also an update at the end of the week. First a little bit about us....

Mrs Hankinson

Hello everyone! After graduating with a degree in ICT and Education 16 years ago (start guessing my age), I completed a PGCE at MMU and have been teaching ever since. My favourite subject to teach is Art and I quite like maths too, which is funny because it was my worst subject when I was at school. I love my job, not just for those "lightbulb moments" but for the fun and laughs we get to have every day! When I am not teaching, I am looking after my two wonderful children who are 6 and 3, they certainly keep me on my toes! I love to go walking with our black lab, Oscar, travel and having fun with my family. I have thought of three interesting things to tell you about me which you might not know: 1. I have jumped out of an aeroplane! 2. I have heli-hiked on top of a glacier in New Zealand. 3. I am really interested in extreme weather. 

Important Information

  • PE is taught on a Wednesday and a Thursday; however, the children will need to keep their PE kit in school as occasionally the timetable can change.
  • Every Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday the children will be taught by Mrs Hankinson.
  • On a Thursday and Friday, the children will be taught by Mrs Hirst.
  • Drumming is on a Thursday.
  • Times tables tests will take place on a Thursday.
  • Spelling tests will take place on a Friday and new spellings will be given out at the same time.
  • We would like each child to read their Accelerated Reader book for 20 mins at least 5 times per week.

Science Week

Once again we will be hosting Science week in school. This event allows our pupils to get involved with hands on experiments and listen to science and engineering professionals. We want to engage pupils in jobs for the future and this is a great insight for them, so please come and share your skills and passion for science and engineering. Examples of previous helpers:

• Structural engineers doing a hands on experiment teaching how to make structures out of spaghetti and paper

• Nurse – teaching children first aid

• Forensic team - setting up a crime scene and getting the children to solve the crime

These are just a few of the ideas that we have had in previous years, so if you know anyone who could spare half a day or even an hour, then we would love to hear from you. Please call the school office on 01270 685355 to express your interest or email admin@offleyprimaryacademy.co.uk or see Miss Allan or Mrs Till.

Science week is Monday 9th March – Friday 13th March 2020

Week ending 17.1.2020

A huge well done and thank you to all the children for being such amazing representatives of our school this week and just being their brilliant selves that they are every day! Thank you also for the wonderful messages we have received.

In English this week, we have continued to explore myth writing and we have started our new text: Arthur and the Golden Rope.  We explored some of the vocabulary that is used in the text and researched what it meant.  We then used the text as well as ‘Myths of the Norseman’ to research elements of a myth such as characters, settings, magical objects etc.  Taking a focus on magical objects, we revised our work on noun phrases and used these to describe the objects.  We then worked in groups to create free verse poems about what could be in our Norse myth.  When we had up-levelled the poems, we rehearsed them and performed them in front of the class.

In Maths, we started to study fractions.  At the beginning of the week, we focussed on improper fractions, using pictures to help us to understand how we could convert these to mixed numbers.  We then moved on to finding equivalent fractions, again starting with images, before then looking at the patterns between the numbers and using the rule that we can multiply or divide the numerator and the denominator by the same number to give an equivalent fraction.

In our History lesson, we started to investigate the Vikings a little further.  We looked at the Viking homeland and where they settled, discussing why we thought they had chosen these places and created our own map design of a Viking settlement.  We then identified places on a UK map which have a Viking heritage, using what we had learnt about place names.

In Science, we studied air resistance.  We explored this by making different parachutes and comparing the speed with which they fell.  This helped us to see which parachutes had more or less air resistance acting on them.

In French, we learnt how to say various places found in a city and practised writing these by making a poster.

In PE, we continued to practise our basketball skills, dribbling the ball at different heights, the triple threat position and intercepting the ball from an opponent.

Please remeber to bring your PE kit in on Wednesday and Thursday next week and to keep working hard on those tricky spellings!   Well done 5HH.








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