Pupil Representatives across School

School Council Representatives 2018-2019

Year 2

Betty Edginton, Harry Baker, Oscar Mounfield, Amelia Harms

Year 3

Ethan Langham, Violet Clutton, Harry Chesworth, Holly Diamond

Year 4

William Baker, Lucy Baker, Alex MacArthur, Archie Swain

Year 5

Sophie Shenton, Harry Howard, Matthew Jones, Maisie Naylor

Year 6

Daniel Bull, Olivia Diamond, Jim Baldwin, Fran Mellor

These pupils meet at least once each half-term to discuss various matters linked to school life, share their ideas as well as the ideas of their peers.  We try to provide opportunities to get involved in Trust-wide projects and within the community where possible.


Pupil Parliament Representatives 2018-2019

Louie Pearson-Smith and Ellis Cregan

The Pupil Parliament contains 2 representatives from each St. Bart's Trust school.  The Parliament meet once a half-term at different schools.  The aim is to share the similatrities and differences between the Trust schools and to work collaboratively on projects.


Safeguarding Team 2018-2019

Joshua Reilly, Evan Ashcroft, Dillon Freeman, Ethan Parker, Amelia Price, Madeleine Sykes, Emma Frazer,   Amelie Jones, Noah Hussain, Sammy Timson, Eva Latham, Charlie Bull, James Young, Max Moore, Naysa Twiss, Zac Parry, Scarlett Hollins, Elijah Lucas, Ellie Pollard, Thomas Cross, Edward Suter


E-Safety Officers 2018-2019

Fergus Rietkerk and Samuel Skeels


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