Ancient Egypt

Date: 19th Jul 2015 @ 9:34am

What do we know about Ancient Egypt and what more do we want to know?

Use this blog to share what you know about the Ancient Egyptians and what you would like to learn about them. If you find a really cool web site you can add a link too!

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Mr Mason wrote:

This is a really good site.

Brooke wrote:

We have learnt about Gods and Godess, what these Gods do is create thing like a rainbow. We have also learnt about the different jobs in Egyptain life.
I would like to know how they built the pyramids and how to write in Egyptain

Catherine wrote:

Catherine wrote:

Ancient Egyptians used a hook to pull the brain out by jiggling it about and pull it out.

Tamara Brackley wrote:

Ancient Egypt mummy's were taken to the west side of the Nile in a place called the IBU which is a mud brick building so they can be mummified

Tamara Brackley wrote:

I am sorry there was supposed to be a . at the end.


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