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Update  21/10/15


Just before the 6 week holiday we had a Gambia week we had lots of fun and every class was involved. The classes made little stalls and sold things and played games. Some of the stalls were (apple bobbing, find a word in the dictionary, guess how many spots were on the dog, cake sale , football, nail vanish, face painting and tattoos . we did really well and raised £795.It was really good fun. Also with the money they are building as store room for all of there equipment the use. It is very exiting new for Gambia. Since the 6 week holiday they had bad weather so lots of homes have been destroyed .

It was very bad, hopefully it won’t do any more dangerous damage...!


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Buiba Hower Basic School Central Jarra region Gambia


Twin school

This blog has been written to give you a brief history of what’s been happening so far.

In September 2011 Mrs Reid contacted a local charity and organised our twin school in the Gambia. We started to collect  basic materials to help the staff and children alike and these went over to the school.

We also started to do some fundraising activities.


Mrs Reid went to the Gambia to visit the children, staff and governors at the school. It was decided by all that the most important thing needed for the school was a wall. This was to keep the children safe and to stop the wandering animals from eating all the vegetables growing in the playground.


It took a lot of hard work to raise enough money to complete the wall but with generous support we managed to do this and in 2014

Mrs Reid went back to the school to see it for herself. What a difference it has made to the safety and education of the children. Whilst she was there, it was agreed that we would buy:

  1. first aid kits

  2. sports equipment

  3. wheelbarrow and rakes for the caretaker

  4. dustbin for the classroomand playground

  5. paint to finish the wall

  6. seeds to plant in the garden

  7. new blackboard paint and chalk

  8. a chair and a rug for the headmasters office

The next project decided upon was to lay pipes from the wall to the inside of the school wall so that the children and staff would have easy access to clean, fresh water at all times. This is very important to them. We also agreed to buy chicken wire for the warmness group to fence off their vegetables garden in the village. This has been a huge success as the women are also to sell some of the vegetables to raise money for the school.


Following the enormous success of Gambia week in school we are now discussing the possibility of providing the school with a stove cupboard and a sign to display at the front of the school. The costings are being done for these at the moment. We will keep you up to date with what has been decided.

Our first ever newly appointed Gambia Bloggers are currently in year 4 are Molly Pennell and Izzy Condliffe they have taken on the job of running this new exciting blog to keep you up to date with events happening in the Gambia.

Thank you for your continued support.

Molly and Izzy



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