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Welcome to 1LM 2021-2022


My name is Mrs Meyer and I have been at Offley for 22 years.  I am currently the MFL coordinator here at Offley.I have taught in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 during my time at Offley.  I live with my husband and three children on the Wirral and love walking my dog along the beach near my house.


1LM important information:


  • Our current P.E. slots are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Spellings will be handed out Fridays and will be tested the following Friday. 
  • Mrs Clarkson will be providing classroom support during the week and covering Mrs Meyer's PPA alongside Mrs Bennion on Thursdays.

The Big Plastic Count

Next week starting from Monday, thousands of people across the UK are taking part in the biggest ever investigation into household plastic. Please use the counting sheet given to your child to record your plastic waste and click on the link below to enter your scores at the end of week Sunday 22nd May. A copy of the data collection sheet can be found in the Files to download section at the end of this page. We are hoping to involve as many families as possible, let's get counting!!


Weekly update

In maths this week, we have started our topic on teen numbers. We have placed the numbers on a number line, counted the tens and ones and ordered the numbers.  We used tens frames and solved problems involving tens and ones.



In English we continued our book Toys In Space. This week we read up to the part where the toys throw a party to cheer Hoctopize up. Hoctopize has lost his favourite toy Cuddles and he was feeling very sad. We thought about what we might need to have at a party as well as the different things we might do. We thought of party hats, balloons, cake and music. We then wrote an invitation, asking all of the children to come to our party. In our grammar lesson we focused on making verbs into past tense, using the toys floating down to Earth as an example. Some example were floating – floated, landing – landed, sailing – sailing.


In science we looked at the parts of a plant, in particular the roots. We talked about what they are used for and how they start to grow. We labelled the parts of the plants and observed different examples of plants and weeds.

In topic, we looked at the story of Jack and the beanstalk, after finding a surprise packet of magic beans in the cupboard. We planted the magic beans and can't wait to see what they grow into.

In art, we are continuing our work on sculpture. This time we focused on fixing and attaching different materials together using different things. We had to follow the instruction cards to make our object.


   In PE we went outside and played some team games. Our first was like Piggy in the middle, using our defence and dodging skills to catch the ball. We then did some relay games, dribbling the ball through the different members of our team.


In music we have been looking at the pulse in different pieces of music. We clapped the rhythm first and then had a go with claves. After that, we listened to Commotion In the Ocean and joined in with the song. Next week we will continue by using the claves to make the rhythm.



We are so pleased with all of the work this week. It has been a really fun week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Meyer and Miss Allan




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