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Mrs Meyer


Welcome to 1LM 2021-2022


My name is Mrs Meyer and I have been at Offley for 22 years.  I am currently the MFL coordinator here at Offley.I have taught in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 during my time at Offley.  I live with my husband and three children on the Wirral and love walking my dog along the beach near my house.


Our week in 1LM


Another brilliant week in year 1. The children have been showing me just how confident they are and have been tackling new challenges really well.

Homework has been given out today. There is a copy of the tasks on the website too.

We have had such a busy week.

In maths we continued looking at comparing. We compared different amounts this week and used the language greater than and fewer than. We were able to use different objects and compare and at the end of the week we were using the different signs to show greater than, fewer than and equal to - <> =


In English we continued Lost and Found. This week we have been thinking about the feelings of the penguin at the beginning of the story. We thought of words that described how he is feeling. We continued reading and saw the lost and found office worker. He sent us a letter which explained that he needed help organising the animals from the office. We put them in orderand matched the words to the pictures. We saw that there were some animals missing and so wrote some new labels to replace the ones lost. We also learnt about capital letters.


 In music we listened to songs and thought about what we enjoyed/ disliked about it. We listened to and danced to 'You can call me Al' by Paul Simon. We loved moving and dancing around the room. We used claves to explore the rhythm of the song.


In French we continued our work on greetings. We said hello to eachother in French and told everyone our name. Our song, Bonjour' has lots of animals in it and so we chose our favourite animal and drew it in our topic books. We then wrote the name of the animal. The children really enjoyed it.

We started our topic work this week, all about the Polar regions. We located the polar regions on a map and talked about where they are in relation to where we live. Next week we are looking forward to learning about the weather in the Polar regions.


In PE we worked on jumping. We jumped over different objects and thought about how important it is to land safely.

A fabulous week , well done 1LM.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Meyer and Miss Moore

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