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Welcome to 2NF’s Class Page!

Hello. My name is Mrs Forrester and I am one of the Year 2 teachers at Offley.

I started working at Offley in 2004. I've taught throughout the school but I have a passion for teaching infants so I am delighted to be teaching Year 2 again. I am also Key Stage 1 phase leader, phonics lead English Leader for KS1 too. I have three young children of my own, one at high school, one which attends Offley and one starting school this September! This means you will often see me taking them to various activities around Sandbach. Please do say hello if you see me!

Mrs Bennion - Mrs Bennion will teach our class on a Friday morning when Mrs Forrester has her PPA time. 

If you need to talk to us we have an open door policy and are available to talk at the end of the day, or you can email us directly using: year2@offleyprimaryacademy.co.uk.


Week commencing 20th June 2022


Billy saw the giant for the first time this week, however he was terrified of him so he ran away. Billy wondered afterwards if this was the right thing to do. We completed a drama activity called concience alley. The children stood to create an alley and 'Billy' walked though the alley and we had to tell him what to do. When speaking we had to use the word 'because' to give a reason for what we were telling him.


Most children thought that Billy should go back becuase the giant might be sad so this led to us writing a letter to Billy giving him some advice. We focused on writing in paragraphs and using conjunctions in our sentence so that we were explaining ourselves clearly.


We read The Brother's Grimm from the Grimm's fairy tales this week. Although, not a fairy tale it explained how the Grimm's brothers collected  all fairy tales that we've come to enjoy.



We have started some new learning this week and have focused on recognising and selecting money to pay. We have looked at coins and identified the values paying paticular attention to pounds and pence. Then we looked at notes and identified their values.


We practiced adding up values of money in pence by adding the biggest values of coins first.  We then moved onto adding combinations of pounds and pence. Our STEM sentence was... Add the pence, then add the pounds. We have learnt to write values as 2 pounds and 30 pence or £2.30. Finally we selected coins to pay, this was tricky as we had to remember that we only have certain values of coins.


Keep counting money at home, this will really help and we will complete a little more work on money next week. 



We had fun playing French cricket this week.

3D323286-E2D6-4D3C-901A-B437602F8CA6.jpeg E6D7795D-E51D-4735-B987-53F7DBB8BCC8.jpeg


This week we learnt about another significant individual from the past, Grace Darling. We found out that she was alive around 100 years before the Titanic disaster. Similalrly to the Titanic she was involved with another disaster at sea but this time she was the heroine that rescued people from the wreck. We found out lost of facts about her  and created timelines of significant events in her life.

Here is link for you to watch if you want to catch up on some of the facts we learnt.




We have had enjoyed weaving this week using two wooden sticks and coloured wool.

7C0CEA2B-9565-4D22-A35E-FD34DAF8A762.jpeg 861A4A5D-B2F2-4EFC-B39E-FBC7D792B64F.jpeg


We looked at the four plants that we planted and left in different conditions a  couple of weeks ago. Plant A had sun and water and looked green, healthy and  even had a flower, Plant B had no sunlight but was watered. This plant was tall but had gone yellow and it's leaves were very droopy. Plant C had sunlight and no water - this plant looked dead, it was brown and have shriveled up. Plan D has no light and no water but was still alive, which suprised lots of us. It was quite tall but was going a brown colour and wasn't standing up, the stem had bent right over and the leaves were starting to shrivel up. We described what we saw and  discussed why we thought they looked the way they did. We wrote down a few notes about this and then looked closely at each plant and completed observational drawings of our findings too.

74A0350D-C3BE-406D-AD14-27B4F96CE689.jpeg 338493F5-D964-4350-AEB5-F1463EAF0AC3.jpeg

Computing / Music

We used chrome music lab to make our own rhythyms. Click the link below to have a try: 



We will be saying goodbye to Miss Leeson on Wednesday. Wednesday will be her last day at Offley and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing her all the best as she starts her teaching career. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Forrester


Summer 2

P.E. will be on a Monday  and Wednesday afternoon. PE will be outdoors this term.

This half term our topic is based on the seaside/coastal areas is called Beachcombers! Any interesting seaside themed ornaments, lighthouses etc or shells would be welcome to bring in for display purposes please. 

In English our main text is called The Secret Giant and we wil focus on story writing. 

Secret Giant.jpg
In Reading, we will be reading some Grimms Fairy Tales.


In Maths we will start off by focusing on telling the time, then solving problems involving money before consolidating some of our learning from over the year.

In Art we will be using textiles and weaving using a range of materials and yarn bombing around the school!

In Science we will  continue to be learning about Plants. We will carry our an investigation to find out  how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy and describe what we see when when of these needs are taken away.

In Music  we will be listening with concentration and understanding a range of high quality live and recorded music.

In History  we will be looking at significant indivuals. The first will be Captain Edward John Smith, who was the Captain of the Titanic, and this fits as part of our local history, as he was from Stoke on Trent. The second individual we will learn about will be Grace Darling.  We will compare then compare Grace Darling to the Captain of the Titanic!

titanic1.jpg  grace darling.jpg


P.E. will be on a Monday  and Wednesday afternoon.

Office 365 log in (TEAMS)- You will be added to the Year 2 team.

Reading EggsIn Year 2, we use the reading eggspress section of this app. All children have now completed a placement test to make sure they’re working on the right level. If your child does not change their reading book at school, please read one of the books on this app. 

We will also use reading eggs / reading eggspress to set particular home learning activities.

Numbots  – This is a new maths robot game that focuses on number, addition and subtraction. All children start from the beginning and it will gradually get harder.

Prodigy  – This is another maths game that the children will be familiar with from Year 1. Their details have transferred over and we can set maths activities and assignments though this website.

 Here are many more links:  Recommended links to support home learning  


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