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Welcome to 3SB’s Class Page!

Welcome to our class page. Here you can access our weekly update, class spellings and homework

3SB Importnat Information:

  • P.E. kits are to be left in school until we break up for half term.
  • For the time being our P.E. slot will be Wednesday afternoons. We will be completing both of our P.E. sessions for the week on a Wednesday, so please make sure children have appropriate attire for indoor and outdoor sessions.
  • This term we will be introducing the times tables test to help children gain pace and knowledge through practice.They will have a times tables test every Thursday.
  • Spellings will be given out on a Friday for the following Friday. In Year 3, the children will be given 5 words that fit the spelling pattern for the week, we try to give children the hardest words that they will be tested on so that they can become familiar with these words. Later in the year, when we start learning the Year 3&4 words, the children will be given all of the words for the test the following week as they do not fit a given pattern.


My name is Miss Burgess. This is my second year teaching at Offley and I have previously taught in a school in Manchester. My subject responsibility is P.E. along with Miss Moulton and Mrs Rea. I enjoy walking and have loved exploring parts of Cheshire on my bike. When my knee has fully recovered I hope to get back to playing Netball, my favourite sport, and running. 

Big Plastic Count
We are taking part in The Big Plastic Count starting Monday 16th May until Sunday 22nd May. Your children should have brought home a tally sheet to help you to track the different types of plastic usage at home. It would be great if as many families as possible could take part. It is only one count per family. At the end of the count, please tally up the different items used and enter your scores into the link below. If you have children in multiple classes, please enter the information once.

Weekly Update

We have had another fantastic week in Year 3 with lots of children continuing to show resepect and thoughtfulness to others. My Star of the Week this week was for a chil who had shown a great deal of effort to inculde the writing features that we have been working on, such as inverted commas, prepositions, similes and metaphors, in their writing and contributed great ideas to create atmosphere for the scense. 

In English this week the children have used the metaphors, similes and speech sandwiches from the previous weeks learning to write a dramatic scene where the girl rescues the majestic purple bird. The children then explored scenes from the book and created vocabulary. They worked very well in their groups and had brilliant ideas, for example her heart disintergrated as she sat on the cold, rusty cage floor, the girl was overjoyed as she saw the bird soaring towards her. They then used these ideas to write a diary entry as the girl. Later in the wek the children finished reading our class text and participated in role play to help them gather ideas for speech for the last scene they will be writing next week. The children worked on writing speech sandwiches and combining senetnces to add more detail. There were fantastic ideas for actions to go with the speech. 

This is in maths the children have continued their learning on fractions. They have compared the parts of the whole using the STEM sentences 'Different parts of the same-sized whole can be directly compared based on their size'. and the children also learnt how to determine what qualifies as a whole. We then looked at the relationship between equal parts and the whole - if we know the number of equal parts that make the whole and what one an equal part is we can construct the whole. The children explored different ways to contrsuct the whole based on the information they were given. At the end of the week we introduced the fraction vocabulary numerator and denominator. The children were able to identify the bottom number of the fraction notation represents the number of equal parts that make the whole and this is the denominator. They were also able to identify the top number of the fraction notation told us how many parts of the whole had been shaded,  and this is the numerator

In other areas of the curriculumn this week, the children explored how magnets repel and attract based on the poles and how the magnetic field is impacted. The children also learnt that the metals colbolt, iron and nickle are attracted to magnets, howerever not all metals, such as silver, are. The children used bar magnets to see how south pole and south pole will repel each other but the noth pole and south pole will attract. In geography the children created their own map of the local area using the OS map symbols they have learnt. In PE we have begun practicing the sports day events with the children and they practiced recieving a ball on the move in handball. In computing the children learnt how to sequence code and using event blocks on scratch to have a sprite follow the sequence of code. 

Next week we will be writing their final scene of the book before they investigate a good model to help them plan for their final piece of writing - a five part adventure story. In maths the children will continue to develop their use of the fraction vocabulary and understanding unit fractions. In PE we will continue to prepare for sports day activities to get the children ready. In compututig the children will develop their code by adding sound to the sequences. In science the children will be revising their learning of magnets and foreces to use in a project that will be introduced. We will also be celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on Friday 27th May. They will be learning about the Queen and what a Jubilee is as well as completing other artistic activities. We will also introduce our given decade from the Queen's long reign that we will be researching that will continue into next half term. 


Homework will be given out on Friday 29th April. This will be a matrix of options for the children. This will be the Homework for the whole Summer Term. Any relevant sheets will also be uploaded to this webpage on Friday. All of the tasks are set as assignments on Showbie, so the children can upload a photo or document for their work.

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Reading Eggs

TT Rockstars



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