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Hi, I’m Mrs Somers and I am delighted to become part of the Offley team. I am an experienced teacher, having taught in many different schools and across the whole range of primary age classes for far too many years to count! I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 grown up sons, who are all enjoying exciting lives in their chosen careers. My two wire-haired vizsla dogs are our new babies and we enjoy exploring the beautiful Cheshire countryside with them.  I have just begun Pilates lessons but reading and trips to the cinema or theatre remain my main passions. 

Hi, I'm Mrs Casey and I have worked at Offley for 9 years now.  I have taught across most year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 and I am really looking forward to teaching Year 4 this year.  I am married with two young children: Noah and Bella.  I also have a cat called Lily and we have recently got a puppy called Gabriel who is causing all sorts of chaos in the house!  When I was growing up, my hobby was dancing for over 20 years and I took part in lots of competitions and took part in shows at theatres across the country - I even performed in The Magic Kingdom in Florida.  Nowadays, my hobby is running (when I'm not injured!) and I have completed three half marathons.  I also enjoy days out with my family and going to the theatre with my friends.



PE kits need to be in left in school and taken home for half term in October.

Indoor/Outdoor PE will be on Tuesday afternoons, please pack warm clothes especially as it gets closer to winter.

Times tables test is Thursday.

Spellings are handed out on Friday and are tested the following Friday.

Week ending 28.1.22

In English this week we have continued with our text 'Escape from Pompeii and the children have watched videos which recreate the effects of the eruption and the experiences of being part of it. They have used these to help develop language skills and add detail to a diary about Tranio's experience on that day. They have also considered and produced a reasoned argument as to whether Tranio and Livia should stay on the boat or return to Pompeii. We are continuing with this next week as well as developing our use of direct speech.

In Maths we have had a fun week investigating symmetry of lines, patterns and diagonal lines of symmetry. They have used mirrors to reflect patterns and check they are symmetrical. They have created and completed symmetrical patterns and pictures. Next week we begin to look at tenths.

Science this week had us investigating the 3 states of water and how heat and cooling can change water from one state to another. We looked at the effect of salt on ice balls and observed the evaporation and condensation processes.

In Geography this week the children were amazed to learn that some of the mountains and hills they have visited in this country were volcanoes millions of years ago but are now extinct. They were able to label them on a map of the United Kingdom.

Great fun was had in 4CS this week as we used tuned and untuned musical instruments to create a piece of music which reflected a picture they had created in response to music they had listened to previously. 4GB completed the same activity last week, so this week concentrated on Diwali and drawing their own rangoli patterns. Next week we begin our art/DT project based on our geography topic of volcanoes.

We were able to take advantage of the good weather and continue our stamina building circuit training, the focus this week being on running style and turning.

A reminder that our homework for this term is on Teams, Showbie and also this page. Thank you for those children who have already completed some pieces. We do upload our daily lessons on to Teams as well for those of you who are at home.

Have a good weekend.


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