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Hello, my name is Miss Moulton and I am 5BM's class teacher. I have been teaching at Offley since 2016. I have taught in every year group since my return from maternity leave last November. Last year, I had a super time teaching across school as I got to know so many of the children. However, I am very pleased to have my own class this year and look forward to seeing them progress through out the year. My subject responsibility at school is PE, I share this role with Miss Burgess and Mrs Rae. Sport and Physical Activity is one of my biggest passions and I am so pleased to be able to lead the subject across school. This year I am introducing the Virtual School Mission to Offley to get as many of our children and staff active both inside and outside of school. Outside of school, I live with my partner and two children who keep me very busy. 

Important information:

  • Our PE days are a Thursday and Friday. The children are allowed plain studs which must be removed or taped for PE as per the information on the newsletter. Hair must also be tied back for PE.
  • Please bring a clean, clearly labelled water bottle to school each day. 
  • Please remember to bring your i-pad to school each day fully charged. This is really important as we use the i-pads for learning activities every day. 
  • Please bring a raincoat to school each day.  We will try to get outside as much as possible, even in light rain so come prepared!
  • Each Thursday morning will be our Timetables test.
  • Each Friday morning will be our spelling test

The Big Plastic Count

Next week starting from Monday, thousands of people across the UK are taking part in the biggest ever investigation into household plastic. Please use the counting sheet given to your child to record your plastic waste and click on the link below to enter your scores at the end of week Sunday 22nd May. A copy of the data collection sheet can be found in the Files to download section at the end of this page. We are hoping to involve as many families as possible, let's get counting!!


Weekly Update: (Week Ending 20.05.2022)

We have had another super week in 5BM, the children have been working super hard and are really starting to take their learning forward.

In Maths this week, we have continued to look at Fractions. We have continued to revisit and retrieve prior learning from previous years to ensure that the children are secure in their knowledge and brought in parts of the Year 5 curriculum. The children have explored what an equivalent fraction is, how to simplify fractions, and what an improper fraction is. We have also looked at how to make pairs of fractions, sometimes adding them with different denominators. 

In English this week, the children have been using both noun and adverbial phrases to create description. We have been focussing on language and ensuring that our sentences have continuity, flow and make sense. The children have been really ensuring that they are using the basics so that they can focus on the skills of writing ratherthan just its simple use. The children have also learnt about Modal verbs and have used them to create a paragraph about the possibility of nature surviving within a rubbish tip and in particular, a toxic pond. This is based on our new text 'The Paperbag Prince'.

In Geography, the children looked at two Ordanance survey maps, one of the Peak District and one of Sandbach and compared fesatures using the map symbols as guidance. We also started to look at contour lines and how these show a physical feature on the land.

In PE, we used a push throw to start looking at how we can 'throw' a shot put. We worked on body position and the correct arm movement. The children used a combination of weighted bean bags, tennis balls and netballs to practice their techniques.

Star of the Week: Darcey

Drummer of the week: Luci

Just a reminder to parents, spellings and homework are now out and this will be at the top of this class page and also on Showbie.  We would like the children to use Showbie to share their homework with us this term.  If any paper or resources are needed, please just ask.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Moulton.

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