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Pre-School & Reception

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Offley Primary Academy. 




Mrs Till (Owls Class Teacher Mon, Tues, Wed am)


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Mrs Rea (EYFS Lead & Owls Class Teacher Wed pm, Thurs, Fri)



Mrs Sinclair (Frogs Practitioner)



Mrs Roberts (Hedgehogs Practitioner)



Mrs Harrop (Class Cover)



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Miss Graystone (Class Teacher) - Red Team 



Mrs Scrase (Teaching Assistant) - Yellow Team


Mrs Maddox (Class Cover)




Miss May (Class Teacher) - Green Team 

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Mrs Naylor (Teaching Assistant) - Blue Team


Mrs Clarkson (Class Cover)



Mrs Crutchley (Teaching Assistant)

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Mrs Taylor (Teaching Assistant)


Miss Bellini (Teaching Assistant)

The Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is based on seven areas of learning consisting of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World.

All children learn across the seven areas of learning and they learn through their play with a combination of child initiated and teacher led learning opportunities both indoors and in our fantastic outdoor areas. Children are observed during play in order to assess their stage of development and in order to plan for their next steps and their future learning.


Here at Offley Primary Academy we aim to deliver the content of the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, giving children a secure foundation.  We intend to provide the best quality learning environment for our children to be active participants in society, responsible contributors to it and capable of achieving independence.  We aim to develop the knowledge and skills that our children will need to live in tomorrow’s world.  ‘Joy in learning – a fun, challenging journey to be the best we can be!”.


Learning takes place through a balance of child initiated play and adult led learning. This includes the direct teaching of reading, writing and maths and daily opportunities for children to practice and consolidate their growing knowledge through high quality provision that promotes child- initiated learning. 


Here at Offley Primary Academy we aim for our pupils to become unique individuals who form positive relationships with both adults and peers. We strive for our children to become independent, curious learners who explore, take risks and ask meaningful questions.  We aim to ensure that our children are confident learners who are ready for the next stage in their learning journey.

Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (

Development Matters - non-statutory curriculum guidance for EYFS (




The implementation of our new phonics scheme is now underway. Your child will have a daily phonics lesson and a 1:1 reading session once a week. Your child's reading session will be noted on GoRead for you to see. Please do check regularly, to access the teacher comments.

We ask that the children only change their books once a week to give them the opportunity to reread the texts. This will allow the children to focus on decoding in the first read, develop fluency in the second read and in further reads really understand the text (comprehension). The sharing books can just be listened to, talked about and enjoyed.

Our book change day in Reception Class is currently on a Friday. Please ensure your child’s reading book and sharing book is in their Reading Book Bag to allow this to be changed. Reading Book Bags should continue to be brought into school daily.

Please log all reading sessions that you complete at home onto GoRead/BoomReader. Reading Eggs can also be logged as a reading session on GoRead/BoomReader. If you experience any difficulties, please talk to a member of the team who will be happy to help.

Celebration Board

This week, we have created our very own ‘celebration board’ in Reception Class.
As well as our school celebrations, we would love to display what you have been celebrating at home! If your child takes part in any sports or clubs, and would like to bring in any photographs or certificates that they have achieved, we would love to display them for everyone to see! (We can photocopy or take a photograph of their certificates so that your original copy can stay at home).

Show and Tell

Our 'Show and Tell' session takes place every Thursday here in Reception Class. Please upload your optional homework, or any home adventures for us to celebrate and share. The children really do enjoy this session, and it is wonderful to witness their confidence grow the more they share. If you have any difficulties accessing Learning Book, please speak to a member of the team and they will be happy to help.

Further Messages:

  • We request that no jewellery should be worn due to the active nature of our learning. It is also a good idea to have long hair tied back at all times. Reception Class is always on the move! Only stud earrings are permitted although these must be removed before P.E lessons by a parent/guardian.
  • Your child should come to school in their P.E kit every Friday. 
  • Please ensure all uniform and belongings are named. Jumpers, cardigans, gloves, hats and so forth easily get lost and are tricky to find if not labelled. We encourage independence from day one. Children are responsible for their own belongings.
  • It may be the Autumn Term but the weather is always unpredictable! If we are lucky enough to have some more sunshine, please ensure that you apply sun cream before your child comes to school and bring a labelled sun hat!
  • Please leave toys and teddies at home to avoid them becoming lost or stolen. Everything we will need is here at school.
  • Our book change takes place every Friday. Please ensure that all books are returned on a Friday ready for the book change.

Autumn Term - Once upon a time

This term our topic is ‘Once upon a time.’ We will be exploring a variety of traditional tales as we settle into the Reception Classroom. We are excited to see where this topic will lead us as we follow the children’s interests.

Please keep visiting this area for the latest messages and to see what we have been up to! We will update this area at the end of each week.

Reception Team :-)

WEEKLY UPDATE: W/B 19.09.22 

Superhero Day

To mark a very important day for Offley, the children came to school dressed as superhero's. We also read a story about real life superhero's, the children loved sharing who the superhero's are in their life. 

7E4BEA93-F07F-4662-A97B-A9788B82EA25.jpeg   3800300D-BC28-4FC9-91C8-29953DF1A0BE.jpeg  

superhero photo.JPG


We have had another wonderful week in Reception Class. As a part of our English learning, we have explored the traditional tale of 'The Three Little Pigs,' focusing on the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices made by the characters and discussing the unfamiliar vocabulary. During this version of the story, The Three Little Pigs went out into the world to live on their own. Each pig built a house made from a different material, straw, sticks and bricks. 'The Big Bad Wolf' then arrived in town and tried to blow all of the houses down. The best part however, was the end of the story. The children enjoyed the great twist to this traditional tale, with The Three Little Pigs using a pot of boiling water to help save them from the Big Bad Wolf! The classroom was full of lots of giggles!


Next week, we will continue to explore our ‘The Three Little Pigs’ text. Our choosing provision will also reflect some of these traditional tales. We look forward to showing you what we get up to next week!

Word of the Week/Makaton Sign

This week we introduced the makaton signs for emotions.  

We have also revisited all of the Makaton Signs that we have discovered in the last three weeks. If you would like to practise these at home, please watch the videos below:

Makaton for 'please and thankyou' - YouTube

Singing Hands: #MakatonMonday 2016 #35 - GOOD MORNING / GOOD AFTERNOON - in Makaton - YouTube

Makaton for 'yes and no' - YouTube

Makaton Topic - FEELINGS / EMOTIONS - Singing Hands (ft Dave Benson-Phillips)

We are very proud of the children and how quickly they are picking up our signs of the week. You are all AMAZING!


This week, we have revealed our set 2 phonemes of the year! Phonemes are the smallest unit of sounds in the English language. They come together to form words, and breaking words down into phonemes helps children understand how they’re sounded out. There are 44 different phonemes, and they’re represented using letters or groups of letters called graphemes. This week we have learnt:

 I, n, m, and d.

We have had great fun learning what these phonemes sound like, and have practised saying them ‘short and snappy.’ We also discovered that each phoneme has its very own action. The children have had great fun saying the phonemes out loud and carrying out the different actions.


During each phonics lesson, we also practised writing our graphemes. Graphemes represent the phonemes (sounds). They are simply the written symbols. The teachers were BLOWN AWAY by the effort shown from all children. Writing is very tricky stuff, but we never gave up. The children also practiced writing their graphemes during our provision activities. Why not continue practicing at home in different materials such as sand or paint.

0561C5E4-BDAC-4594-8101-4801DC9293A1.jpeg   AE3CEE72-DA3D-4BE8-9B0B-67D5AA3B9A6D.jpeg   12C182A6-8D4B-4455-B81B-078F25C94C66.jpeg

Throughout the week, we have also practised our oral blending of our phonemes. The ‘Robot Talking’ instruction game is still very popular! You could continue to practise this at home, supporting your child with their oral blending skills. For example, you could ask your child to s-i-t or to get their c-oa-t and see if they can follow your instructions.

You are all Phonics Superstars!


This week, the children continued to practice their 'subitising' skills and they really are blowing us away! The children were also practicing their counting strategies throwugh a variety of activities.

We will practise this skill daily in Reception Class and we think you will be amazed at how well your child can do this after a little bit of practise! Here is a ‘dice’ subitising game, if you wish to play ‘how fast can you say’ at home.

Subitising Slides | Set 1 (Dice Patterns 1 - 6) - YouTube

If you would like to practice counting at home, you could encourage your child to count objects, actions and sounds. This could be claps, jumps or physical actions. You could also show your child a number using your fingers, are they able to tell you the number or complete a task of that amount? For example, if 3 fingers are shown, can they do 3 jumps?


We finished off our wonderful week with a great P.E. session. We continued to focus on our spatial awareness. We played an instruction game, travelling in different ways whilst ensuring that we did not bump into each other! As it was superhero day, we thought about the different ways superhero's moved, at first, we walked, then we skipped and then we practiced jumping to create a 'Hulk Smash' and doing 'Spider-Man Lunges.'

Super concentration and listening skills everyone!

    Well done Superstars!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Reception Team :-)

1A389667-9177-4076-9D59-024C7C5EA162.jpeg   349D93AA-AA00-4D4D-B2A7-4AC181959513.jpeg   55FCE5BB-FF14-413C-9A38-9FF278EC4F29.jpeg   AE3CEE72-DA3D-4BE8-9B0B-67D5AA3B9A6D.jpeg   CA4DC92A-DD96-41D3-B351-EA4920E9EBC7.jpeg   D5023C3F-4C49-4504-965C-9E4690744064.jpeg   D82319B8-AFEB-43E0-8138-D0B7FADFD5D4.jpeg   E5A9D3E6-1162-4BFE-A583-9E906774D4BA.jpeg


Here are some photographs of our wonderful Reception Classroom and Outdoor Area for the class of 2022-2023! We hope you enjoy looking through them. We wanted you to see where your child will be playing, learning, exploring, investigating, making memories and having great FUN!

IMG_4562.JPG  IMG_4563.JPG  IMG_4564.JPG

IMG_4565.JPG  IMG_4566.JPG  IMG_4567.JPG

IMG_4568.JPG  IMG_4573.JPG  IMG_4572.JPG

IMG_4571.JPG   IMG_4570.JPG   IMG_4569.JPG

IMG_4574.JPG   IMG_4575.JPG   IMG_4576.JPG

IMG_4577.JPG   IMG_4578.JPG

Useful Websites

Preparation for starting school | PACEY

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy :: East Cheshire NHS Trust

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl - YouTube

PhonicsPlay - Phase 2 Resources
(There are many free games on this website in the phase one, two and three section. Enjoy)!

Alphablocks - CBeebies - BBC

Numberblocks - CBeebies - BBC

Counting songs - BBC Teach 



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