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Welcome to Reception! 

Welcome to our Reception Class Page. Here you will discover our up-to-date messages, downloadable resources and weekly updates. Every Friday we will update this page and share with you what we have been up to during each week. There will be lots of photographs to enjoy too!

Weekly Update for the W/B 13.09.21

We have had another wonderful week in Reception Class. The children are now becoming familiar with our classroom routines and have blown us away with their ever growing confidence and independence. You are SUPERSTARS!

Word of the Week/Makaton Sign

This week we have introduced the children to ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon’ in Makaton when answering the register. If you would like to practice this at home you could watch this video!

Singing Hands: #MakatonMonday 2016 #35 - GOOD MORNING / GOOD AFTERNOON - in Makaton - YouTube

Getting to know your children

This week we have completed many 1:1 activities with your children across all of our EYFS areas. A highlight of our week has been our drawing, mark making and writing within our ‘grown up’ English Books. The children proudly showed us what they could do and they were eager to show their new friends too.


1 writing.jpg                         1 2 writing.jpg

We have also practiced writing our names with our pre-cursive handwriting. (You can download our handwriting mat in the downloadable section at the bottom of this page). We were blown away with the children’s resilience and ‘can do attitude’ throughout this daily activity. All of our fine motor activities such as dough disco will continue to support the children’s readiness for writing and hand strength. Well done everyone!


This week we introduced some short playful maths activities with the children. We enjoyed many different numbers songs which have helped us to count by one, count forwards, count backwards and support our number recognition too! Here are some examples that you may enjoy at home:

Counting 1-10 Song | Number Songs for Children | The Singing Walrus - YouTube

One tomato, two tomatoes - BBC Teach

Ten in the bed - BBC Teach

We also discovered that numbers can be represented in many different ways! This song helped us to understand this:

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways | Math Song for Kids | How to Represent Numbers | Jack Hartmann - YouTube

We even squeezed in some time to explore some repeating patterns. The children became fantastic pattern detectives and by the end of the week they could identify whether each image shown to them was a pattern or was not a pattern! They also enjoyed making some patterns in the indoor and outdoor environment. Some children completed some very complex patterns, blowing us away. You really are all marvellous at maths!

1 maths pattern glue.jpg          2 maths pattern.jpg          3 maths pattern.jpg


3 building pat.jpg          1 mol pattern.jpg

Next week we will continue to explore some different ways that we can represent our numbers using our different resources in the classroom. E.g. numeral, counters, bead strings and many more!


This week we focused on rhyming words and listened carefully for these in a variety of songs. The children quickly identified that the end of each word sounded the same and quickly became experts. We even completed some rhyming strings, encouraging the children to call out lots of rhyming words. E.g. cat, bat, sat, pat, mat, rat. If you would like to practise your rhyming words at home you could listen to this song:

Down By The Bay | More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs - Bing video

1 bridge phonics.jpg          1 carpet phonics.jpg          1 phonics soup.jpg


mark making 2.jpg          mark making 1.jpg

We also introduced the sounds s, a, t and p. We played fun and interactive games to help the children identify words that begin with these sounds. We also practiced writing these sounds on large paper with our friends. For those who required an additional challenge, we encouraged some CVC blending, segmenting and writing using our new sounds from the week. You are all phonics superstars!

Phase 2 Phonics Set 1 | s, a, t, p - YouTube

Next week we will move onto the sounds i, n, m, d. We will also introduce our first tricky word of the year. We wonder what it will be?

Here are some more pictures of our wonderful week. We have learnt through lots of fun, play and laughter!

1 2 reading.jpg          1 cars.jpg         1 maths counting(1).jpg


1 dino.jpg          1 reading.jpg          1 play.jpg


2 building.jpg          3 play.jpg        hide and seek 1.jpg

Have a wonderful weekend with your families and friends. We look forward to seeing your smiley faces once again next week!

Reception Team :-)


  • You now should have received your child's phonics pack (in your child’s book bag). Here you will find all of the resources that you will require when supporting your child with their reading and writing at home. Please also download our Phonics Presentation below (in the downloadable section).This presentation will show you how we teach reading and writing here in school. It will also demonstrate how to use the resources provided within this pack. We look forward to working closely with you as your child embarks on their exciting reading and writing journey.

  • Thank you for your amazing support with our new Go Read digtal reading record system. If you are having any difficulties or require some further support please see the downloadable guide at the bottom of this page. 

  • PE will begin Friday 23rd September and your child will need to come to school dressed in PE kit for the entire day (and every Friday after that).  Please can we ask that you remove any earrings etc and have long hair tied back - thank you.  

  • We hope you are enjoying your ‘401 Challenge Passports’ that were sent out at the beginning of this week. We will collect in all passports during the last week before October half term. We will then be able to collate our scores from home. We are also recording all of our exercise here in school too! It is great to see how motivated the children are and we look forward to seeing how far we have progressed before the end of the half term. Well done everyone!

  • We are working closely with LearningBook to resolve all technical issues and we are aware that there are some that are still ongoing. We do apologise if you have not received an email link for your child's LearningBook log in yet.  LearningBook support have reassured us that this will be resolved early next week.  Hopefully you will receive a link via email to your child Learningbook next week if you have not already. 

Reception New Starters Presentation

If you missed our ‘Reception New Starters Zoom Meeting’ and would like to access this PowerPoint please see the downloadable link at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy learning all about the team that will be supporting your child’s journey throughout this academic year. This presentation additionally provides information about the different areas of the newly revised ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’ and some photographs of our wonderful indoor and outdoor learning environments. We hope you enjoy! 

Optional Transition Activities/Support

Here are some activities, songs and stories that you can share with your child if you wish to at home. These aim to support discussions surrounding their transition into the Reception Class.

This song is popular when talking about all of our different emotions. It also refers to starting school. You may also want to think about some of the things that will make your child feel happy when starting school. E.g. being reunited with their Pre-School friends, meeting new friends, playing with toys, going outdoors and so forth.

This is a lovely story from twinkl called the ‘Cautious Caterpillar.’ It discusses change and how this can make you feel a little nervous.

Mystery Reader– Can you help us virtually?

By week three we would usually begin inviting parents/carers into the setting as our mystery reader (by booking this with your class teacher). This would usually take place at 2:45 on a Thursday. Due to Covid-19 and the safety measures in place, we are unable to invite you into the classroom. However, we do not want that to put you off! We will happily accept videos of you being the mystery reader instead and we will play these during our session on a Thursday. Some of the staff members in school have already helped us out by recording their favourite stories. We cannot wait to play these to the children on our interactive whiteboard for all to see! You can email your video to: If the file is too large you can create a dropbox link and email that for us to follow instead. We look forward to seeing your faces and I am sure your children will do too!

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Phonics Sounds - Correct Pronunciation:


BBC - Search results for alphablocks

BBC - Search results for numberblocks (mathematics)


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