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Welcome to our Reception Class Page. Here you will discover our up-to-date messages, downloadable resources and weekly updates. Every Friday we will update this page and share with you what we have been up to during each week. There will be lots of photographs to enjoy too! 

 Reception Class: Summer Term   

This term our topic is ‘New Beginnings.’ We will be exploring new life and the world around us. We will focus on the importance of caring for our planet too. As we come to the end of the academic year, we will think about our own new beginnings as we prepare for our transition into the year one classroom. We are excited to see where this topic will lead us as we follow the children’s interests. We will use this area to display our wonderful learning through photographs, artwork and the children’s individual creations. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do! 


WB 20/06/22  
Continuous Provision 
This week in provision the children have been role playing in the superhero headquarters and writing their own character descriptions and stories. We have also been sorting the recycling materials, developing our fine motor skills and sewing skills by threading Supertato characters, playing tricky word splat, investigating different textures with our roll and race ramp, reading in our classroom library, role playing at the dentist and looking after the babies in the baby clinic. 





Pathways to Write - Supertato 
On Monday we continued to read our new text ‘ Supertato’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Supertato is currently being chased by the Evil Pea, ready to turn him into mashed potato! The children have thought of and written their own predictions. They are incredibly creative – just brilliant! We have aspiring authors in Reception!! Later on in the week we have been designing traps to capture evil pea and some children went onto build their traps. We left them out over night to see what would happen. On Friday morning we discovered that our traps had worked and we had captured lots of peas! 

IMG_3059.jpg IMG_3060.jpg


IMG_3065.jpg IMG_3066.jpg IMG_3069.jpg IMG_4165.JPG 

IMG_4169.jpg IMG_4168.JPG

IMG_4166.JPG IMG_4167.JPG


This week in phonics we have been recapping phase 4 and developing our sentence writing. The children are amazing at reading and checking their word, applying their finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.  We have also been practising spelling all of our tricky words and have learnt the new tricky word ‘when’. 

IMG_3085.jpg IMG_3086.jpg

In maths this week the children have been practicing their number bonds to 10. In particular we have introduced a new game this week called ‘You’re Fired’ which the children have really enjoyed. This game encourages the children to develop their fluency with their number facts. The aim of the game is to be the fastest the answer the missing number bond to 10, if they get it correct they get to say ‘You’re Fired’ to another member of their team. The children showed superb resilience during this game too. All of the children said they really enjoyed the game even if they didn’t win and they were very eager to play it again– what superstar team players!  


The children LOVED PE this week. We began by playing our funny Mr Men warm up game, which the children find really funny. Mr bounce – jumping. Mr Man – Walking. Mr Speed – Running. Mr Jelly – wobbling our bodies. Mr Mischief – try to tag someone else without being tagged. We had great fun and lots of giggles. We then learnt how to do an over arm throw with a small ball. The children learnt a little chant to help them remember the correct skill. 

  1. MUSCLEIMG_3072.jpg
  2. EARIMG_3073.jpg
  3. POINTIMG_3082.jpg
  4. STEPIMG_3078.jpg



WOW we were so amazed by their skills! Once we had mastered it we played a compeitive game with cones in the middle. Which team could knock over the cones by using their over arm throw technique?  




Mystery Reader 

Another HUGE thanks to our mystery reader this week. The children were super excited and enjoyed it so much – thank you!    



Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Reception Team 


A few parents have been asking if we collect in and keep homework. Just to make parents aware that homework is not compulsory. We do however, encourage learning at home to consolidate what the children have been learning in the classroom. Therefore if your child completes their homework please could you take a photograph of it and upload it to their learningbook. They do not need to hand it into school. Thank you for your continued support.  


  • We have had some missing jumpers reported to us which contain children's names - please can you check your child's jumpers at home to make sure they have brought the correct jumper home. Thank you.
  • We have loved seeing lots of children reading at home and parents/guardians commenting on their GoRead app. We really encourage daily reading to further support the phonics taught in school. Please do let us know if you are having problems logging on to your account and we can support you. There is also a downloadable guide at the bottom of this page that you may find useful. 
  • We provide a daily snack of fresh fruit for all children and the option of milk or water during our break times. If your child would prefer to bring a snack in from home instead please can we remind parents/guardians that this must be a healthy choice. We are also a nut free school. We do have children and staff members who are allergic to nuts and we must keep them safe. Many thanks.
  • Please do continue to label all of your items that are brought into school. We have noticed that some labels have come off in the wash and this is causing difficulties when the children are trying to independently locate all of their belongings. Many thanks. 
  • Please can you remember to return your reading books as we are experiencing a shortage of books due to them not returning. We do appreciate your continued support with this. 
  • If you have any pants, socks or spare clothes you can donate we would be very grateful as we are running low on these items. Please ensure your child has spare clothes in their book bag. 
  • PE will take place every Friday and your child will need to come to school dressed in PE kit for the entire day.  Please can we ask that you remove any earrings etc and have long hair tied back - thank you. 
  • We hope you are enjoying your ‘401 Challenge Passports.' We will collect in all passports every friday to update our class step count. We will then be able to collate our scores from home. We are also recording all of our exercise here in school too! It is great to see how motivated the children are and we look forward to seeing how far we have progressed before the end of the half term. Well done everyone!

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