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Welcome to our Reception Class Page. Here you will discover our up-to-date messages, downloadable resources and weekly updates. Every Friday we will update this page and share with you what we have been up to during each week. There will be lots of photographs to enjoy too! 

OPTIONAL COMPETITION – Suitable for children aged 4-19!

We know that we have many incredible young artisits in Reception Class! Mrs Hankinson (our Art Subject Leader) kindly forwarded this competition that you could enter at home. If you do enter, please keep us updated on Learning Book. We would love to see your creations. Good Luck superstars.

Young Artists' Summer Show | Royal Academy 

WB 24/01/22 

English (Pathways):

In English this week, we reached the section of our story where the Naughty Bus falls into the pond! We played a Phonics Fishing Game, using the fishing rods to pull out a variety of items from our imaginary pond. The children then practiced their segmenting for writing (robot talking), E.g. boot – b – oo – t. They worked hard to identify the sounds that they could hear before writing them down. After this, we explored how to write a fantastic caption or sentence. The children worked hard when remembering their writing rules. These consisted of starting on the left hand side of the page, letters on the line, finger spaces between words and a full stop to finish our sentence. It is incredible to see the children’s progress in their writing through their determination to do well and ‘can do attitude.’ Great job everyone!

E1.jpg   E3.jpg

Here is a growth mindset song which we have regularly played with the children when they have found new challenges tricky. This helps them to understand that they must never give up. You could listen to this song in your home too!

Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don't Give Up - YouTube


This week we have explored a variety of vehicles in Makaton. If you would like to practice these in the home here is a link for you to follow:

Makaton Topic - TRANSPORT - Singing Hands - YouTube

 We also decided to revisit our ‘Wheels on the Bus’ in Makaton after exploring our Pathways text. If you would like to teach your family at home here is the link for you to follow:

Makaton - THE WHEELS ON THE BUS - Singing Hands - YouTube 


This week we have learnt the last sound in our phase three phonics. This was digraph ‘er.’ E.g. fern, herd, germ, letter, hammer, mixer, flower, finger. We also explored a new tricky word of ‘you.’ Throughout this week we have also revisited some sounds which can sometimes cause difficulties because of their similar appearance. The children particularly enjoyed our ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ revision session where we created some posters all about these digraphs and the words that we can make with them. The children proudly showed their posters to each other and some children even presented them in front of the class! WOW!  


Next week we will continue our phase two and phase three revision. We will be practicing reading our sounds within words as well as applying these in our writing. You can also practice this at home using your reading and writing sound mats which were sent home on Thursday. I wonder how many sounds you will be able to identify and teach your family members?


This week we have used our deeper thinking when investigating our numbers 0-5. We have discussed the position that each of these numbers hold in our number sequence and how this does not change. We have explored language such as ‘before,’ ‘after,’ ‘greater than,’ ‘less than,’ ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’ when discussing these numbers. As the week progressed the children worked together to solve some word problems. E.g. “I am thinking of a number, this number is two less than four. What number am I thinking of?” When using number tracks the children used the language of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than.’ When using countable objects to help answer the word problems, the children used the language of ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than.’


This week we have also revisited our ordinal language (first, second, third, fourth and fifth.) The children participated in a variety of races, deciding collaboratively who came in which position. The coat zip races and jumper races were popular – the children practicing their independency skills as well as their ordinal language through a fun and competitive way.

R1.jpg   R2.jpg   R3.jpg   R4.jpg

During choosing provision the children also had the opportunity to explore which 2D and 3D shapes had 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 sides, corners, vertices or edges. We were very impressed with their confidence when talking about these shapes and their comparison language used. E.g. “A square has 1 more side than a triangle.”


Towards the end of the week the children created some Numberblock Staircases from 0-5. We were blown away with their journal entries. The children used their careful one to one correspondence when counting and drawing the correct amount of blocks for each Numberblock. Here are a few examples...WOW!

J1.jpg   J3.jpg

Next week we will revisit our composition of five and further develop our part-part-whole learning.


This week we have explored some birds as a part of 'The Big Garden Birdwatch.' We had the opportunity to look at a real nest, images of different species of birds and watched some educational videos too. The children even drew some pictures of some birds, thinking carfeully about their different features. 

BW.jpg   NEST.JPG   BW1.jpg

This week we have also extended our learning about maps whilst learning about animals from all around the world. We learnt lots of new facts and discussed the way that each animal moves (making connections with our on the move topic). We then shared our new learning through paintings and fact posters. Great work everyone! 

W1.jpg   W3.JPG   W2.jpg


Please follow this link if you would like to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch at home: Big Garden Birdwatch | The RSPB


In P.E. this week we have been developing control over objects. We revisited our under arm throwing technique, focusing on accuracy whilst increasing the distance. We then moved onto our kicking skills, experimenting with both feet. We discovered what happens when we kick a balloon or ball with the different parts of our feet. We decided that our most powerful kick was when we strike the ball with our laces (the top of our foot). Super exploration and foot-eye coordination everyone. Well done for your super teamwork and ‘never give up’ attitude. We look forward to another super P.E session once again next week!


We have enjoyed another fantastic music session with Mrs Clarkson. This week we listened to some different pieces of music before identifying the tempo (fast or slow). We then experimented with the instruments and made our own music. The children shared the instruments beautifully and investigated the different fast, slow, loud and quiet sounds that they could make. Super music everyone!

Well done for another FANTASTIC week. Please do not forget to check in with us once again next week. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Reception Team :-) 

On The Move:

Our new topic this term is ‘On the Move.’ We will be exploring all things that move. This will include transport, emergency services, living things and how our own bodies move too! We are excited to see where this topic will lead us as we follow the children’s interests. As always, we will keep you updated with our learning opportunities and investigations through this Reception Class Page. Please visit this page regularly. We always aim to update it every Friday evening so you can see what we have been up to across the week! 

Can you help us?

Due to Covid-19 we are limiting our guest speakers/parent helpers in our classroom. This would usually be a big part of our curriculum. We have been trying to do this as creatively as we can through online/virtual opportunities and by bringing exciting real-life resources/activities into the classroom instead. We are very grateful to those who have already supported us last term.

This term, our topic will begin with a transport focus. Do you work with any exciting vehicles which you could tell us more about? We would love to learn about your role and the vehicle that you use! You could send photographs of the vehicle, of you and your uniform or even a video that we could share with the class. If you feel that you could help make this topic even more exciting, please get in touch by emailing If the file you are trying to send is too large, you can create a dropbox link or onedrive link and email that for us to follow instead. Alternatively, you could use learning book to upload your photographs. These can then be accessed by us through your child's personal page. We look forward to seeing them and I am sure your children will do too!


  • We have had some missing jumpers reported to us which contain children's names - please can you check your child's jumpers at home to make sure they have brought the correct jumper home. Thank you.
  • We have loved seeing lots of children reading at home and parents/guardians commenting on their GoRead app. We really encourage daily reading to further support the phonics taught in school. Please do let us know if you are having problems logging on to your account and we can support you. There is also a downloadable guide at the bottom of this page that you may find useful. 
  • We provide a daily snack of fresh fruit for all children and the option of milk or water during our break times. If your child would prefer to bring a snack in from home instead please can we remind parents/guardians that this must be a healthy choice. We are also a nut free school. We do have children and staff members who are allergic to nuts and we must keep them safe. Many thanks.
  • Please do continue to label all of your items that are brought into school. We have noticed that some labels have come off in the wash and this is causing difficulties when the children are trying to independently locate all of their belongings. Many thanks. 
  • Please can you remember to return your reading books as we are experiencing a shortage of books due to them not returning. We do appreciate your continued support with this. 
  • If you have any pants, socks or spare clothes you can donate we would be very grateful as we are running low on these items. Please ensure your child has spare clothes in their book bag. 
  • PE will take place every Friday and your child will need to come to school dressed in PE kit for the entire day.  Please can we ask that you remove any earrings etc and have long hair tied back - thank you. 
  • We hope you are enjoying your ‘401 Challenge Passports.' We will collect in all passports every friday to update our class step count. We will then be able to collate our scores from home. We are also recording all of our exercise here in school too! It is great to see how motivated the children are and we look forward to seeing how far we have progressed before the end of the half term. Well done everyone!

Mystery Reader– Can you help us virtually?

By week three we would usually begin inviting parents/carers into the setting as our mystery reader (by booking this with your class teacher). This would usually take place at 2:45 on a Thursday. Due to Covid-19 and the safety measures in place, we are unable to invite you into the classroom. However, we do not want that to put you off! We will happily accept videos of you being the mystery reader instead and we will play these during our session on a Thursday. Some of the staff members in school have already helped us out by recording their favourite stories. We cannot wait to play these to the children on our interactive whiteboard for all to see! You can email your video to: If the file is too large you can create a dropbox link or onedrive link and email that for us to follow instead. We look forward to seeing your faces and I am sure your children will do too!

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Phonics Sounds - Correct Pronunciation:


BBC - Search results for alphablocks

BBC - Search results for numberblocks (maths)


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