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Important information

Our usual day for P.E. is Tuesday. The children will need to come to school wearing their full P.E kit on this day. If you have not bought the new style P.E kit, you will be expected to wear a plain white t-shirt with black shorts. Please ensure that hair is tied back and that earrings are removed. 

Pencil cases will not be required, as school will provide all of the equipment needed.

Spellings will be uploaded onto this webpage and on Showbie on a Friday, starting and will be tested the following Friday.

Homework will also be uploaded onto this webpage and Showbie. Paper copies can be given on request. Please upload to Showbie or bring a copy into school.

We will update this webpage every week with lots of information about what we have been learning in class and any other information that you will need.



Meet the Year 2 teachers ...

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Mrs Meyer

I have been at Offley for 23 years now. My subject responsilbility at Offley is MFL, with French being our school language.

I live on the Wirral with my husband and three children . Olivia is at University studying nursing, Isobel is studying for her A Levels and Matthew has just started year 10. I love animals and we have a sprocker spaniel called Milo, who we love taking for walks at the beach.

Mrs Forrester

I have been at Offley for 19 years and I am KS1 phase leader at the school. This year I will be teaching  in 2HF as part of a job share with Mrs Harrop. I will be in school Tues-Fri. My subject responsilbility at Offley is English and work closely with Mrs Casey in this role. It is a particularly exciting time as we are implementing a new phonics scheme this year. I love reading new books and look forward to sharing some with the children this year.

I live in Sandbach with my husband and three children . Two attend the local high schools and I have a little girl starting in Year 1 at Offley. Please do say hello if you see me dashing around the town with them!

Mrs Harrop

I have also been an Offley for 19 years and was full time before my two little girls. I  now job share with Mrs Forrester and work on Monday and Tuesday as class teacher.  My subject area is History. Also, this year I am being a TA within school on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning so the children will see me around all week.

I have two little girls who are in Year 1 and Year 4 at another school. We live in Scholar Green and we are known for our chickens! We seem to collect rescue chickens and find ourselves with seventeen currently. We have built our own house and it is an ongoing project that never ends!  

Spring  Week 3  

Wow, another week done. We can't believe how quickly these weeks are flying by. Here is a look at some of the learning that has been happening this week. 


In maths this week, we continued our work on the multiplication and have been focusing on the five and tens times table. We need to remember that 10 x 0 or 5 x 0 is 0 as this is confusing a few of us. We have concentrated on practical maths quite a lot this week to help us really understand what we mean. It would be really useful for some children to practise counting in 5s at home please so that it helps them with their times tables. 

On Friday we enjoyed applying our knowledge of the 2x, 5x and 10x table to find the value of patterns that we'd made. zzz2.jpeg 

zzz5.jpeg B7907164-0183-4CBD-9A96-9AB59B77DC1C.jpeg

In English we began the week working in teams and collecting verbs that we could use in command sentences. We then used these verbs on Tuesday to create some beautiful booklets on How to look after dragons. The children enjoyed thinking of commands to tell someone what to do or never to do! We then moved onto writing descriptions of where we thought a dragon may live, concentraing on nouns and adjectives. We are having a big push on handwriting at the moment, looking for children who are making their capital letters and ascenders much taller than the other letters, and forming all letters neatly. 
As we read on George found a map telling him where the dragons live. This led to some great work describing a place where we might find a dragon.

zzz6.jpg   zzzz5.jpg

We finished off English by finding out that George built his own dragon machine. This gave us the idea to design our own machines. We planned these and have bought them home tonight to support you with English homework task 3. If you plan to complete these homework and (we stongly suggest you do this one if possible please bring in your creations before half term.) If you don't have the resources on your plan you can change and adapt what you use. You are looking for a sheet that looks a bit like this!

3A95BECE-AE3D-4BC2-B062-03B0C311E3BE.jpeg B2ECB743-4493-4BF9-8188-19184705BD26.jpeg


We classified and sorted animals into different groups this week thinking about whether they were mammals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles or amphibians. 


This week in computing we used the Pixlr app to edit photographs of dragons. Here are some examples of how we changed the coloured tint on a picture to create an effect. Don't they look brilliant?
6F45AB29-F148-4874-8E6A-C8ADF78DB580.jpeg E5F834F3-0F60-465D-8739-4DC4CF0C3DAF.jpeg


We sang Kung Hei Fat Choy remembering the words and the rhythym of the music. We then turned into composers and wrote our own verses. Lots of us were then very brave and performed our new verse infront of the class


This week we learned that the World has 5 oceans around the continents that we learned about last week. We located them on a World map and learned another song to try and help us remember all 5. We had lots of fun playing 'Splash the Ocean' where two of us played against each other and had to find the ocean that was said, before our friend. We also got people to point out and name the 7 continents from last week. 

zz1.jpeg  zz2.jpeg


This week we thought about what we were good and all of our different qualities drawing attention to the fact that we are all different. We playe a game and it showed us that sometimes we might be better at some things than our friends, but sometimes we might not be as good as our friends at other things and we talked about how this is ok. We are all different and all have our  own strengths. We covered many mant things, inlcuding  football, swimming, playing instruments, reading, spelling, drawing, riding a bike, gymnastics, building things, listening, working on our own or as part of a team. The list was endless but it showed us that we are all unique and we want to celebrate that. We then thought about different jobs that require these different qualities and tried to match different qualities to different jobs. 



Happy Minds

This week we continued our  unit on 'Appreciation'. The children shared any things that they had done during the week to show their apprectiation to others and then they thought of a time that they had helped someone and how it made that person, and themselves feel. This week our focus was on ourselves and how it is important to show appreciation to ourselves. We also spent some time relaxing doing some happy breathing.

 zz5.jpeg zz4.jpeg



We had lots of fun this week learning different types of rolls. We focused on the pencil roll, dish roll and tuck. We really enjoyed trying to keep (a pretend) £10 notes between our legs when doing the pencil roll to help us remember to keep our legs tight together.

Well done year 2, a super week with lots of hard work. Have a lovely weekend.

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