Sustainability at Offley

The children at Offley are passionate about looking after our environment. We have recently joined the Junior Recycling Scheme through Cheshire East. Each class now has Eco warriors to ensure that lights and projectors are switched off when not needed and computers are shut down at the end of each day.


The Junior Recycling Officers from Year 5 lead whole school assemblies and are dedicated to looking after the school/local environment and life below the sea. To support marine environments, Offley has decided not to use glitter anymore because of its harmful effects. We are also in the process of organising fortnightly recycling collections from school.


Our after school Eco club has been busy making bird cakes. When the weather gets colder and food is in short supply for the birds, we will hang the cakes out for the birds. We have lots more activities planned for supporting wildlife that visits our school grounds and looking after the environment.



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