Year 5 Spellings

Welcome to Year 5's spellings page.

Here, weekly spellings will be up;oaded as well as on Showbie.

Spellings this year will be taught over a two week cycle. In week 1, the children will be taught the spelling pattern and at the end of the week the spellings will be avaialable to practice at home. The children will then be tested on these at the end of week 2.

However, in addition, at the beginning of week 2 the children will start to learn another new pattern and this will repeat in a rolling 2 week process, A week in school and a week at home to practice each new set of words. The first set will be uploaded on the 16th September.

Year 5 Spellings

Group 1

Test on 9th December

Next week in our spelling sessions we will be looking at hyphenated words.  Below are the 10 hyphenated words you will be tested on.

Cold-hearted, Accident-prone, World-famous, Razor-sharp, Blood-red, In-depth, Long-winded, Bad-tempered, Man-eating, Hot-headed.


Group 2

WB 28.11.22 - Test 09.12.22

The list of words below are a selection from all of the words that you have learnt this year so far. The children will be tested on the list next Friday (09.12.2022).

glass / passed / blessed / messed / handle / simple / castle / muscle / sample / tackle


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